To be or not to be polite?

A lot of online recruitment advisers tell you how you must be persistent and keep calling and bugging the recruitment agencies to read you resume and find you a job. I, however, have a different view on the matter.

First of all, it takes a certain kind of character to be able to feel comfortable being a constant “pain in the ass”. I always look at it from the other person’s point of view and honestly, if someone pressured me in any way – I would most likely chose to  ignore them, rather then take interest in their queries.

Would you like to deal with this?

I am more of a polite kind of girl and I like dealing with like-minded people, so whenever I make contact with new people I try my best to make the most memorable first impression possible. That would ideally make the receiver of your message take active interest in your question and respond to it also in a polite and caring manner.

The recipe I have developed is to include some personal information and facts about your current situation, and the use of some keywords. Below is an example of the email that I wrote this morning to a recruitment agent in a company someone mentioned:

“Good Afternoon,
My name is _____ and I am new in _____. Last month I moved here from ____ on a one-year open working visa and now I am seeking temporary/full-time employment in the Administrative/Financial sector.
Your agency was recommended to me by a friend who said that you were quite helpful in respect to his employment, so I thought I would email you to kindly ask you to assist me in my job search.
Please let me know if it is possible to schedule an appointment with you to go over my resume and discuss my situation, or alternatively – to suggest an efficient way of finding work in Toronto.
Please note that you can also reach me on my cell XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Thank you kindly in advance.
Best Regards,

Pay attention to the number of times the word  “kindly” appears in the text. Words like please, recommended, assist are very important when you are seeking a comprehensive and human response back (not only when applying for a job, but in general emails, ads and posts). Do not try to sound like a shark, despite of what some books and people tell you – it just makes you sound bitter, broke and hungry, in other words – aggressive and no one wants to deal with aggressive people. Even if you have to wait for a little while and if only one person responds to your queries  – this person will really try their best to help you. What I am trying to say is – try to become their friend from the first contact you make with them. They might not have any real interest in getting you a job, but you have already influenced them and predisposed them subconsciously to take interest in your case. You have created a memorable impression.

“Polite Yawn” -This picture showed up in the “polite” google results.

On another note – this tactic is extremely helpful when dealing with difficult clients/associates. I have applied it on numerous occasions throughout my career and I can say that the saying “Kill them with kindness” works. Usually when someone writes you an angry email and you respond in a polite and understanding manner – explaining yourself, the situation and what can be (and is) being done to resolve it and throwing in some of the polite keywords  – I can guarantee you that the reply to your reply will sound as if it was written by a completely different person. the ethic of reciprocity.

I am, nevertheless, still unemployed, but as I have always stated – I am a believer (not necessary in a god, destiny, or any other divine power), I believe in the Law of attraction and I think you should too.


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